ICYMI: Figure Skating Send-Off Covered By News 12

ICYMI: Figure Skating Send-Off Covered By News 12

Fairfield, CT – The SHU Club Figure skating team is heading to Nationals! After a successful season which is capped by an qualifying for Nationals, the team had an amazing send off at the Wonderland of Ice, which was covered by News 12. The clip can be viewed here.

The SHU Figure skating team is well represented around SHU with skaters in each in grade. With tons of talent going around, the team is very excited for Nationals and love being a part of the SHU Figure skating family. While this was very much on display during the showcase, the love for the team is apparent from each individual skater who are individually highlighted below.

Home is a place that makes you forget you are freezing, even if its only for a moment. My team has been my home for the past four yeares because they have made the cold practices worth the shivers. We've laughed and cried together in so many places that bus rides have a whole new meaning. This team has allowed me to do the thing I love the most with the people who I love the most.

-Sarah Kleinman, President, Class of 2019

Being a part of the Sacred Heart University Figure Skating Team has helped me grow as an athlete by giving me an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than myself, a team. Each of us brings our own talents and grace to this team. On the ice we are many beautiful pieces coming together as one goal, one heart.

-Juliet Melotto, Vice President, Class of 2020

We are a group of girls who came together from individual skating and united into one powerful, loving and supportive team.

-Amanda Witkowski, Vice President, Class of 2020

This team continues to inspire me every day to work harder and push boundaries with the sport. I am beyond grateful to be a part of such a hardworking and dedicated team.

Tessa Peredy, Class of 2020

I have loved being able to continue my sport in college, but the best parts are the moments not captured in a 2-minute program. The bonding and collaboration that comes with being part of a team has been life changing. I have made bonds and learned skills that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

-Erin Marx, Class of 2019

The nerves of walking into freshman year immediately faded through the warm welcomes of every member of this team. I couldn't be more grateful to call them my family.

  • Alanna Kubik, Class of 2022

Growing up, skating was always an individual sport until I came to college. The immediate bond between every single teammate was unforgettable and only grew all of my 4 years here. Having the privilege to be a part of this team has taught me new skills on and off the ice along with lifelong friendships and new sisters.

-Michaela Davies, Class 2019


All my life skating has been a solo sport, but since joining this team, we skate as one. Without this team, I wouldn't be the person I am today. These girls are not only my teammates, they are my family.

-Brianna Severino, Class of 2019


Even though figure skating has been a big part of my life, the SHUFS are the first time I've been a part of a team. Together, they have reignited my love for hte sport and inspired me to be a better version of myself on and off the ice.

-Ingrid Rempe, Class of 2019


The team is off to Nationals this upcoming weekend, check back to SacredHeartClubSports.com to see the results next week!