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Running Roster 2018-19

Kyle Anderson full bio Kyle Anderson Class: Sophomore
Grace Anneser full bio Grace Anneser Class: Sophomore
Alicia Briley full bio Alicia Briley Class: Freshman
Corry Brinken full bio Corry Brinken Class: Freshman
Liam Casey full bio Liam Casey Class: Sophomore
Kristen Cignarella full bio Kristen Cignarella Class: Sophomore
Nicholas Collins full bio Nicholas Collins Class: Junior
Colleen Derosa full bio Colleen Derosa Class: Freshman
London Duncza full bio London Duncza Class: Freshman
Christian Eckelhofer full bio Christian Eckelhofer Class: Freshman
Ashely Gerckens full bio Ashely Gerckens Class: Sophomore
Mirjam Grebenc full bio Mirjam Grebenc Class: Sophomore
Amanda Haydu full bio Amanda Haydu Class: Freshman
Julia Hayes full bio Julia Hayes Class: Freshman
Tyler Hughes full bio Tyler Hughes Class: Freshman
Jocelyn Jernegan full bio Jocelyn Jernegan Class: Freshman
Emily Jorge full bio Emily Jorge Class: Freshman
Kayla Kanakry full bio Kayla Kanakry Class: Junior
Joey Kiernan full bio Joey Kiernan Class: Freshman
Kayla Kostecki full bio Kayla Kostecki Class: Sophomore
Jordan Laevsky full bio Jordan Laevsky Class: Freshman
Ryan Litwin full bio Ryan Litwin Class: Junior
Steven Lucero full bio Steven Lucero Class: Sophomore
Gregory Lynch full bio Gregory Lynch Class: Sophomore
Anna Martinelli full bio Anna Martinelli Class: Sophomore
Rachel McCracken full bio Rachel McCracken Class: Freshman
Aaron Norcia full bio Aaron Norcia Class: Junior
Stephanie O'Reilly full bio Stephanie O'Reilly Class: Sophomore
Nicola Paerg full bio Nicola Paerg Class: Sophomore
Kathleen Quinn full bio Kathleen Quinn Class: Sophomore
Emily Rachek full bio Emily Rachek Class: Freshman
Rianna Rodrigues full bio Rianna Rodrigues Class: Freshman
James Rose full bio James Rose Class: Junior
Carlos Ruiz full bio Carlos Ruiz Class: Sophomore
Andrew Santiago full bio Andrew Santiago Class: Sophomore
Elizabeth Spadafino full bio Elizabeth Spadafino Class: Freshman
Gwenyth Stuard full bio Gwenyth Stuard Class: Freshman
Jessica Wade full bio Jessica Wade Class: Freshman