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Club Weightlifting Roster 2019-2020

Alex Amankwah-Asare full bio Alex Amankwah-Asare Class: Sophomore
Madison Ashworth full bio Madison Ashworth Class: Graduate Student
Eric Bodeker full bio Eric Bodeker Class: Freshman
Erika Borras full bio Erika Borras Class: Senior
Jason Cadilek full bio Jason Cadilek Class: Graduate Student
Derek Chapman full bio Derek Chapman Class: Graduate Student
Shakane Cooper full bio Shakane Cooper Class: Sophomore
Gani Djonbalic full bio Gani Djonbalic Class: Junior
Padraig Francis full bio Padraig Francis Class: Freshman
Shea Gormley full bio Shea Gormley Class: Sophomore
Eric Laptofsky full bio Eric Laptofsky Class: Graduate Student
Ashley Manning full bio Ashley Manning Class: Sophomore
Taylor Marks full bio Taylor Marks Class: Senior
Tyler McGann full bio Tyler McGann Class: Sophomore
Jared Morris full bio Jared Morris Class: Junior
Adrian Parzych full bio Adrian Parzych Class: Graduate Student
Jackie Pianese full bio Jackie Pianese Class: Graduate Student
Kitty Potter full bio Kitty Potter Class: Junior
Victoria Suhy full bio Victoria Suhy Class: Junior
Olivia Tawa full bio Olivia Tawa Class: Junior
Matthew Welch full bio Matthew Welch Class: Graduate Student
Sam Zebitsch full bio Sam Zebitsch Class: Senior