Eight Members of the Weightlifting Team Reach Personal Bests

Eight Members of the Weightlifting Team Reach Personal Bests

Fairfield, CT-  This past Sunday, April 27th the Club Weightlifting team hosted a weightlifting meet which had a total of 14 lifters compete with 8 of them being members of the Sacred Heart Club Weightlifting team. SHU lifters from the team made a total of 42/48 lifts and each athlete that competed, lifted their personal bests. In addition to SHU lifters, there were also lifters that came from the NY weightlifting academy and the University of Bridgeport. The highest clean and jerk on the day came from senior Brandon Rocco who ended with a personal best of 235lbs. Mateo Soto also recorded a personal best with 177lbs on his snatch. On the female side, senior Erika Borras recorded a personal best of 105lbs on her clean and jerk. Also, Caitlin also reached a personal best with 93lbs for her clean and jerk as well. The team wants to thank all of the referees, weight loaders, and volunteers who came out to help run the meet and make it a successful day.


                                      Snatch                   Clean and Jerk

Mateo Soto :                    177lbs                               231 lbs

Brandon Rocco:               175lbs                               235 lbs

Gani Djonbalic:                145 lbs                              187 lbs

Adrian Parzych:               165 lbs                              198 lbs

Erika Borras:                    72 lbs                                 105 lbs

Tyler McGann:                 74 lbs                                 103 lbs

Caitlin Olivetti:                 70 lbs                                 93 lbs