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Smash Bros. Team Qualifies For ECAC Play-Offs and Season Update

Smash Bros. Team Qualifies For ECAC Play-Offs and Season Update

Fairfield, CT-  Club eSports Smash Bros. team has been working hard these past few months competing in multiple tournaments and crew battle leagues. Their efforts haven’t gone unrewarded as they finished the ECAC season with a 4-2 record and qualified for the ECAC play-offs. The ECAC League is a crew battle league featuring teams competing against each other in three on three matches. Each team has a pool of nine stocks and the goal is eliminating the opposing team’s stocks first. Crew battles require strategy because it’s not only about having better players, but also strategizing a proper order and countering the opposing teams’ strategies. The Club Smash team has victories over Drew University, New York Institute of Technology, Providence College, and Moravian College. Meanwhile, they had two close losses to Canisius College and Juniata College. In the end, these are the statistics for the ECAC season.

John Falcone: 16 Stocks Taken  | MVP in Providence College match | Graduate Student

Thomas Reveliotis:  12 Stocks Taken | MVP in Drew University match | Senior

Daniel Murtagh: 9 Stocks Taken | MVP in Moravian College & Drew University matches | Senior

Gabriel Correa: 5 Stocks Taken | MVP in NYIT match | Sophomore

Eric Willenbrock: 4 Stocks Taken | MVP in Drew University match | Graduate Student

Nicholas Leo: 2 Stocks Taken | Junior

Richard Schmidt: 2 Stocks Taken | Freshman

Liam O’Donnell: 1 Stock Taken | Junior

In addition to the ECAC League, Club Smash has competed in many other events this semester. One of these events was the Snowdown Showdown event where they competed in a BO3 crew battle against University of New Haven. Players included freshman Christopher Perez, sophomore Ethan Lawson, sophomore Thomas Peper, senior Nauel Tejada, and many others. The crew battles were 5v5 with 15 stocks each and the undisputed MVP was Correa who helped lead Sacred Heart to victory over UNH, 2-1. Correa took all 15 of UNH’s stocks in Game #2 and took 11 of their stocks in Game #3.

Sacred Heart also attempted competing in the Collegiate Star League Crew Battle league with three teams lead by Falcone, Correa, and sophomore Ricardo Gayle. Unfortunately, the competition proved stiff with none of the teams winning; however, the tournament provided good experience and some notable results. O’Donnell ended up ranking 17th place out of 96 players in the 1v1 bracket and had a close set against the #2 player in the New England region at the time, Laid.

Besides crew battle leagues, the Sacred Heart Club Smash team has competed in several 1v1 tournaments. The most common tournaments they competed in were the Level 01 weekly brackets located in Danbury, CT and the bi-weekly Elm City Esports brackets located right outside of Yale University. Several members such as Falcone, Reveliotis, and Leo have had impressive results typically finishing anywhere between Top 8 and Top 12 out of thirty to sixty players. Even newer players such as freshman Sean Martins and junior Dylan Ballesteros have shown promise winning games against players seeded better than them. Other notable tournament results include Falcone taking 3rd place at a monthly tournament held at Candlewood Lake’s Clubhouse in New Fairfield, CT back in February and Leo placing 49th out of 200+ entrants at the CT Gamercon 3 Game Underground Tournament at Mohegan Sun back in March.

Practices have been successful with notable improvements in all players. Some players showing major improvement include freshman John Curcio, junior Kevin Doyle, and junior Joseph Furner-Starrett just naming a few. The team’s enthusiasm has also increased particularly thanks to freshman Dominic Pasquarella, sophomore Michael Guay, and sophomore Jack Ferreira with their team spirit. Even though the season is almost over, the team is keeping busy with many more 1v1 tournaments, O’Donnell taking over as captain for the 2019-2020 season, and preparing for the ECAC play-offs.

Sacred Heart will compete against Stockton University B in the first round of the ECAC play-offs slated for Wednesday April 10th at 9:30 PM.