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eSports Competes in Spring 2019 HV GamerCon

eSports Competes in Spring 2019 HV GamerCon

Albany, NY- On March 30th-31st, Club Gaming’s League of Legends Red (LoL red) team visited Albany for the Spring 2019 HV GamerCon as the 5th seed. After finishing 6-1 during the ECAC regular season, excitement was high, and so were expectations. Their first match was at 12:20 pm on Saturday against SUNY Canton. A win would move the team into the quarter finals.

Each match is a best of 3 games, and the first game was played play Thomas Peper in the top lane, Jesse Giuffre in the jungle, Andrew Santiago in the middle lane, Andrew Thomas at ADC, and captain Michael Schneider at support. Coach John Albergo was on stage at the start of each game to help with champion select (picking which characters the team would be playing as). Game 1 was won in dominating fashion, with a good emphasis on team play. Any nerves the team felt at this point were gone, playing on stage can be intimidating, but a good win can help anyone feel comfortable. For Game 2, the team subbed in Connor Sivacek in place of Thomas Peper, moved Andrew Santiago to ADC and put in Ryan Nguyen in the middle lane. The story of game 2 was much the same as game 1, with a fast, crushing victory, and a huge performance by Andrew Santiago. He even got props from the staff at the event for his game 2 play.

With a 2-0 match win, the team eliminated SUNY Canton from the tournament, and moved onto the quarter finals on Sunday the 31st. Their opponent was RPI, the 4th seed at the event. The team spent the rest of Saturday watching VODS and preparing for the quarter finals match. With an 11:40 am start time, the team arrived around 10:00 am to do pregame discussion and warm up.

The team fought hard in the match, but RPI was too tough to take down, and the team lost the series 2-0. While the team was very disappointed, they were still proud to have made it to quarter finals, a feat that many at the event didn’t think would happen. Michael Schneider, the starting support and Captain of the team had this to see on their performance “I am proud of the whole team for their dedication this year and specifically this event. Even though we had a very hard road if we were to get to the finals, the morale remains high, and everyone is excited to have played a real stage at all.”

This was the League of Legends team’s first on stage event, and although the league season is essentially over, Fall is always just around the corner, and the team wants to do even better next season.